Full Sun Portfolio

What are the primary benefits of each lens offering?

Lenses can be manufactured in-house and do not need to be outsourced. This results in: Lower processing costs; Quicker turn time to the ECP & patient; Increased lab control over order.

The seven core colors (Grey-1, Grey-3, Brown-1, Brown-3, Grey-Green, Copper and Ruby) are Varilux®*, Crizal® and Xperio UV™ approved.

*Consult Availability Charts for specific Varilux lens designs and XperioUV color offerings.

Do the lenses need to be outsourced?

NO. Lenses are semi-finished single vision (made-to-stock) lenses.

Can the lenses accommodate a full backside digital design?

YES. All lenses can accommodate a full backside design, if the design has a free blank option.
The seven core colors (Grey-1, Grey-3, Brown-1, Brown-3, Grey-Green, Ruby and Copper) are Varilux®* approved.

*Consult Availability Chart for specific Varilux lens designs.

Which lenses are Xperio UV™ compatible?

Polycarbonate material: Brown-1, Brown-3, Grey-1, Grey-3, Grey-Green, Ruby, Copper
1.50 material: Brown-3, Grey-3, Grey-Green

Can I apply an AR?

YES. For lenses not Xperio UV™ approved, a backside spincoat can be applied.

How many solid colors are offered?

There are a total of 15 solid color options.

Are any lenses available in mirror polarized lenses?

YES. There are fifteen polarized mirror lens options:
Polycarbonate Material - Black, Blue, Champagne, Charcoal Mist, Chrome, Gold, Green, Ice Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Sea Mist, Silver, and Sunny Mist
1.67 Material - Blue, Gold, Green, and Silver 

Are any lenses available in gradient polarized lenses?

YES. There are two polarized gradient lens options: 

Polycarbonate Material - Grey gradient and Brown gradient

What color lens bases are used to produce the mirror and gradient lenses?

Gold Mirror, Red Mirror, Rose Gold Mirror, Sunny Mist Mirror, and Brown Gradient are produced on a brown base to achieve a richer tone. All other mirror and gradient colors are produced on a gray base.

Are the lenses approved through managed care?

All lenses other than polycarbonate gradient are categorized for managed care. Polycarbonate gradient approval is in process.